About Us


WAKE4Youth is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we are committed to empowering our youth with the knowledge they need to succeed in any life endeavors.


Our organization operates to teach and disseminate educational and life assessment comprehension, creative ideas, and real world realities to youths through programs, customized workshops, and lectures. Our programs introduce guidance for youths to continue their education beyond high school. Parallel offerings for incarcerated youths will be applied with added focus on workforce development opportunities.


A degree of our programming is based on our founder’s multi-year success of speaking engagements to youths in their teenage years. Through our programs, we predict eighty percent (80%) of first year high school student participants, to commit to changing their poor attendance rate and study habits with aspirations to excel academically. We hope the student participants, for the first time, become conscious of their potential to complete high school with hopes of how that will in-turn leads to higher education, higher paid employment opportunities and wealth creation.


The end result of our efforts is awareness which is life changing! We have witnessed youths visualizing self-assurance to realistically achieve their dreams. They become inspirational models of success for other youths worldwide, adding to the common good of mankind, leaving their invaluable footprints for posterity to emulate.