This Time


WAKE4Youth is currently in communications with the Corrections Department in the State of Maryland to allow this program to be utilized as one of the models directed by the judicial system for releasing juveniles. This Time will be located at juvenile detention and correction centers for juvenile offenders where incarcerated youths will begin the journey with our programs.


Regardless of when we reach the youth, their newfound awareness of potential empowers them to pursue their dreams. If we can reach these youths during incarceration, they will benefit the most as they start on a focused mental foundation for success. 


Once released, the youths will continue the next phase of the program at the WAKE4Youth location. This Time will include a customized version of the Become Aware program with focus on moving forward to create a successful life for the juvenile ex-offenders.  


This Time program instruction and guidance will include continuing education through high school and beyond, with added focus workforce development opportunities. 

This Time Goals

Continuation of the program offerings, after release, will have added focus on workforce development opportunities to decrease likelihood of juvenile recidivism. 

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WAKE4Youth will work with the Corrections Department to allow this program to be used as one of the models for releasing juveniles directed by the court system.

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