WAKE4Youth designed the program Reassess, so that middle and high school students would attend customized workshops and seminars centered around the reasoning why troubled youths, in their teenage years, drop out of school. The program will address all concerns, before they are granted release, with our unique counseling and guidance approach


WAKE4Youth interaction with the troubled youths provide life changing awareness and challenges facing school dropouts. All youths have the potential to succeed in life and yet there are many factors that can jeopardize a youth ability to achieve his or her full potential. Reassess concentrates on producing expectation performances, to increase academic and life skills, once the student realizes that dropping out of school is not the best decision.


Two (2) main factors that predict the likelihood of a youth to dropout of school before graduation are: insalubrious households and community environments. Because of this, youths are at risk for developing depression and/or other serious behaviors problems that are detrimental to their health and well-being - that will likely causes them to drop out of school.


With Reassess, counseling and guidance in a safe venue will be provided for youths to express all conditions, receive guidance and encouragement to continue their education beyond high school. 


We explore all measures of support for the academic success of youths to prevent school drop out.

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Interact with students to reassess their decision to dropout by revealing real life challenges facing high school dropouts.

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Address reasoning and explore alternatives for youths before dropping out of school.

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Reassess Goals