Juvenile Ex-Offenders


More than likely, you have been a victim of the ills of society where the power structure has not done enough to eradicate, the social and economical,  conditions that exist. It, therefore, creates the bonds of poverty that creates the unfair and almost inescapable life of struggle to survive in an intolerable existence. There is a saying that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.


Prisons are one of the largest and most profitable businesses in the United States. The largest population of people incarcerated is minorities. One must be at war with thy old self, you before this reading, to overcome obstacles that exist for you to become victorious through controlling your thoughts. True freedom has always been within you, it is the awareness of this fact that has not been shared with you. Focus on redirecting your survival energy, to information gathering. Allow yourself to dream of a life that feels good for your heart and not from the desires of others.


Create a new thirst for knowledge that empowers you to acquire your new desires of a new lifestyle. Imagine having all you desire without an illegal hustle. You can and are so capable of learning everything any other human has obtained. See yourself with the knowledge of building wealth through business, real estate and stock investments. This is not beyond you, it is for you to do, to have and to enjoy. If you desire wealth, as most of us do, to make you happy then it is your birthright to obtain that happiness.


Know that knowledge is power and sometimes what you don’t know,  can and will hurt you. Become awakened to yourself, rise up now and create the life of your dreams knowing you are unconquerable. Welcome to WAKE4Youth and welcome to freedom.

This Time


This Time is located at juvenile detention and correction centers in a classroom workshop setting for juvenile offenders. Once they

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It's been said that what you go through you grow through. If life for you seems hopeless and filled with one struggle after another, then know that by

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