CLass A Speakers


Class A Speakers is similar to the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT). Professionals from local the business community, government, universities and colleges provide presentations to students encouraging career choices, course selections and success throughout high school and beyond.


We recruit professionals to enter middle and high schools for motivational and inspirational seminars with students to incorporate their real world stories of overcoming challenges, attaining success with the rewards of their careers. Some of the outcomes of Class A Speakers are that youths "get it", commit to attend school, going to class, studying more and completing their homework, which in-turn produce higher grades. 


The desired end-results of all our efforts are to reduce the alarming rate of high school dropouts. We expect to empower our youth with the knowledge they need to succeed with any endeavor in life. We feel that many youths for the first time will become conscious of their potential to learn and realize their self worth and how that leads to higher education and opportunities.

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Class A SPeakers Goals

Our effoft centers around achieving academic success by focusing on goals to encourage personal aspirations to stay focused in school

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Our focus is to influence middle and high school underachieving students. They greatly benefit from our presentations.

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Presentations incorporate awareness for educational successes

We provide and strategies to complete school

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