become aware


There is an immeasurable need to empower and motivate youths in the United States to succeed efficiently and independently in and away from school -  to become academic freethinkers and to become open-minded achievers.


WAKE4Youth implemented Become Aware, a program for youths in their teenage years, that incorporates elements of awareness for interpersonal and educational success with strategies to complete high school and beyond. The program pinpoints middle and high school underachieving students that need direction and inspiration.


Become Aware focuses on achieving self-sufficiency in academics, with goals and personal aspirations to stay in school. Our goals are to make sure students excel academically with hopes to, not drop out of school, increase their knowledge and learning skills and to gain confidence in their ability to achieve.


Student participants are asked to take self-assessment tests, on how well the program works for them. We will complete progress reports, charting the student performance. Become Aware is year round, allowing students to attend during the day for summer break and after school during the academic school year.

We work to help students change their educational values to desire school success that directly improves low class participation and poor study habits.

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We help students become aware of their potential and to generate a thirst for knowledge to pursue their interest for success.

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Student mindset shift to committing, to change their behaviors and be more accountable.

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Become Aware Goals