Disenfranchised Youth


It's been said that what you go through, you grow through. If life for you seems hopeless and filled with one struggle after another, then know that by becoming aware of your thoughts and by shifting your thinking - you will begin to bring change to your life. Opportunities will start to appear, the bad and sad feelings will change into good and happy feelings, you are now sensing relief -  maybe for the first time.


The very fact you are receiving this knowledge, right now, means you have survived another day to be here in the present. The moment you "get it" is when it all comes together, when it all makes complete sense and feels just as good, when you begin to experience change in your life of true freedom - Freedom comes from within, Your thoughts are from within. Believing in the power to control your own thoughts will be that moment of change as your thoughts come from a place of complete confidence. You will know your struggle is soon to end and the worst of life’s tests is behind you - keep surviving!


It is something of a hard skin that stems from an individual who survives social hardships such as: hunger, unemployment, crime, and the associated ills plaguing inner cities and rural areas of developed and underdeveloped countries respectively. Often times, an individual that arises from such circumstances is destined for unimaginable successes with great appreciation for another chance on the voyage of life. You will find that nothing lies ahead of you will be greater that what you have overcome. Your hard skin will, therefore, empower you, with conviction, to continue your journey to achieve your dreams. So worry less, enjoy the ride and savor the wonderful moments to come.


This Time is located at juvenile detention and correction centers in a classroom workshop setting for juvenile offenders. Once they

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The key here is you. For you have the power to overcome any obstacle placed before you by man. For the majority of individuals that have

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