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WAKE4Youth exists to share knowledge, to empower our youth to have a happy, and very successful life.  We are here to help guide youths to grasp a remarkable awareness, that will allow them to achieve greatness. 


Our youth should always be accountable for their learning success, with teachers, counselors, administration officials and yes, even family members. As humans, we learn and process information differently and sometimes we may need assistance from other resources. Youths should be able to request assistance when and if needed - and know their future adult self, will thank them for doing so. 


Learning how to effectively communicate, using proper language and grammar, along with the understanding of mathematics to count and grow wealth, will greatly empower future adults. Obtaining a good understanding of the knowledge gained from other coursework of studies will more than likely benefit future investment decisions one will make.


Our youth needs to challenge themselves to excel in the courses they are currently enrolled and do what it takes to understand and comprehend their studies. They need to decide to take action and undergo whatever is necessary to succeed in school and always prove to themselves that they can overcome any study distractions and/or barriers, even if experienced in their past.  They need to try very hard to maintain thoughts and stay focused to not let anything or anyone get in the way of their success. 


The key to our youth now is to enjoy every day of their magnificent youthful existence with balance. Our youths need to have fun, laugh and dance - a lot, have crushes, but most importantly, have a balance of creating their future self as an adult. 


As adults, we could have only wished that we were as fortunate as our youths of today are, to have exposure early in life, to the truth in controlling our own thoughts.  We know how wonderful life could be to know that, what you dream and desire can realistically be accomplished. As a young individual, this is the most awesome power one can possess. From this awareness comes the confidence to overcome any obstacles in life - starting with education. It's time for our youth to think about a successful life ahead and take the necessary actions to make it happen.


Founder, WAKE4Youth

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